Natal Chart Reading - A deep dive into the positions of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. We'll talk about intentions, patterns, circumstances, and events and how they've shaped your experience of life. Then we can look at areas where you might be experiencing blocks or challenges and potential ways forward. 


$150-210 Sliding Scale

Current Snapshot  - An in-depth look at your current transits and progressions. For someone who has a general understanding of their natal chart and wants to really get into the dynamics and meaning of what's 'happening' in their life right now. 

$130-$190 Sliding Scale


Saturn Return Package - A series of three readings. The planet Saturn in astrology represents the process of maturing. At around age 29 Saturn returns to the same position it occupies in the natal chart. This often marks a period of crisis and commitment, a time to align with your 'work.' This package is designed to help you clarify your intentions and better understand the challenges and potentials of this rich period in your life.

Inquire for pricing - I am committed to making my work accessible and recognize that a package can be intimidating. Let's work together to figure out what makes sense.

Real Quick - Having a day, a week, a month 'like that'? This is a one-topic, quick look at the sky and how it's impacting your natal chart. By phone or email. $45

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