• skye

Intensely Personalized Astrology

Astrology is my favorite topic. I've been reading, thinking, studying, meditating, drawing, pondering, talking, and painting about it for more than 20 years.

What I've come to realize is that at the heart of astrology is inquiry.

Every chart contains the answer to a question, and astrology is the language I use to translate the answer.

What [thehellisgoingon]? Who[willeverloveme][amI]? When[willthisend][willthisbegin]? Where[amI][canIfindit]? Whhhhhyyyyyyy[me][notme]?

The best part is that the answers are not simple, they are nuanced and complex - like you! They contain many threads that seem to both reveal and obscure. They are reminders, hints, reflections.

I don't believe the stars compel us, I believe that they and their movements are, like us, merely another manifestation of 'what is.' They seem to lead, but really our lives are moving with the stars, in the same pattern as the stars. It's as if there is this energetic pattern at the core of every life and that pattern is expressed through a person; the person is the living, breathing, dying embodiment of the pattern. But that is not the only way that energy pattern is manifested - the birth chart is another way, a written way, to express that pattern at the core. The natal astrological chart is that same pattern as expressed through the symbolism of the stars and particularly their relation to the Earth.

When we talk about a song for example, we can be referring to a particular performance of the music, or a recording of it, or possibly we are talking about the chords and the chord progression, or the written score, or the melody, perhaps the lyrics? A song can also be expressed by a chart of tablature, as a set of instructions for performing the music, it can come to life as a karaoke performance, as a memory. A song contains musical information, lyrical information, a structure, a theme, a tone, a melody, a rhythm. I think that's a perfect analogy for life and for astrology.

Astrology is a gift, not to predict our future so that we may avoid misfortune, but to bring sense and order to the world around us so that we can express our inherent pattern as clearly and fully as possible. To reveal the purpose of life, not through rote definitions, but through exploration and inquiry.

And if this is true, the symbolism of astrology can only make sense as it connects to you and your natal chart. The movements in the sky can only be interpreted for you as they relate to your own chart, to your own self. And so my practice is intensely personalized for each person; attuned to you and your patterns so you can begin to translate for yourself the rhythm and the melody, the chord progression inherent in your own nature.