• skye

Fires, eclipses, intensity

A friend asked me why sometimes certain astro events, like eclipses, seem to loom so large - particularly in articles and horoscopes online - but then pass with little noticeable effect on her own life and mind, while people around her appear to be very acutely affected. The answer lies in the natal chart - in particular in the connection between the natal chart and the chart of the event in question.

There are points in every person’s chart that are extra ‘sensitive’ - the ascendant, the sun, and the moon. These are the places we are most obviously marked by our natal chart, by our birth onto this plane. Places where we notice events and circumstances the most. So, if an eclipse or full moon falls on a sensitive point in your chart it is going to be noticeable! The symbolism associated with the placements, positions, and aspects present during the eclipse have a hook, or a foundation for expression - a portal - a conduit through you and your life.

The closer to a sensitive point in your natal chart, the more obvious the effects. And so if an eclipse falls directly on your ascendant, your perspective will likely be changed by the events and circumstances of the times. If it is conjunct your moon, your feeling nature, your emotions, and insecurities will be stirred-up. And if conjunct your Sun, your way of being, your very self will undergo some reorganization.

But if an eclipse doesn’t have a strong connection to your chart, doesn’t aspect any criticals points or planets, it will likely pass with less fanfare.

I gave her the example of a fire. We have seasonal fires in California, large swaths of land burn in the summer and fall. The smoke from these fires spreads far from the site, and depending on where you live you’ll be affected differently. Let’s say the fire is in your town, this would be analogous to the eclipse being conjunct a sensitive point in your chart, for example the sun, moon, or ascendant. You will be affected by all of it - your house might burn, the smell of smoke will permeate every surface around and within you, you will have to evacuate, the entire foundation of your life will change and will require you to re-establish your daily habits and work.

If you live in the next town over, it would be analogous to a less direct connection to your natal chart; maybe a trine to a minor planet. In this case, you might still be affected, you will smell the smoke, possibly fear a change in the wind, you'll be on heightened alert, but the foundations of your life won’t likely change. You may be inconvenienced, you may be affected by the smoke, you might have friends and relatives affected - but your house is standing.

Then, say, you live 100 miles away, downwind of the fire - no real connection between you and the fire, other than both being present on earth at the time, no direct links to any planets or points in your natal chart. You may read news about the fire, watch footage of people escaping the flames, you may even smell the smoke, but your personal life remains untouched.

And so with eclipses, and other major transits, how personally you feel the effects depends on how personally your chart is aspected by the sky.