• skye

By the Light of the Full Moon

Full moon in Cancer today! What a perfect time to talk about the moon. The moon in astrology represents our moods or emotions, our early childhood experiences, as well as our unconscious patterns and habits. We run on 'auto-pilot' a lot of the time, and for good reason! Our conscious minds don't really have the capacity to be aware of all the processes that are occurring in our bodies, in our minds, and in our hearts as we interact with the world around us. But as we grow and cultivate a desire to live more consciously, we might find that we continue to behave in some ways that we can't explain, ways that seem to contradict our beliefs and understandings about ourselves and the world around us. These behaviors, habits, and patterns of response are some of the processes that we tend to leave to our unconscious mind; and if we want to live more in alignment with our conscious beliefs we find that we need to understand the roots of these unconscious contents.

The symbolism of the moon in the natal chart, as well as the symbolism of the transiting moon can reveal to us a bit about what's going on behind the scenes in our unconscious world. All the shocks and sorrows, and even the joys - of our infancy and early childhood are present in our unconscious, and they are described by the symbolism of the moon in our natal chart. These things occurred before we had a context within which to place them, though they continue to exert an influence on our lives. And in fact, their influence is often out of proportion to their apparent reality. It's as though our little minds had no way to judge the size of these impacts when they occurred, and so they loom in the shadows, unexamined. As we grow and evolve over time, as we gain experience and resilience, we can gain access to these feelings and thoughts, and finally have the ability to acknowledge them, place them appropriately into the larger context of our lives, and ultimately release them.

So if we consider that the moon can shed its light on our unconscious minds, habits and behaviors, we can look to the sign that it is occupying for more guidance. Symbolically there's a connection between our mood (moon) and the theme of the sign - our unconscious is revealing itself through the themes of the sign the moon is in (as well as the house that sign occupies in our natal chart). So, for example, when the moon is in Libra, we may find ourselves acting unconsciously toward our partner, or in our other relationships. When the moon is in Virgo, our mood may be seemingly affected by our work, or our health - the issues that are arising in these areas can show us something about our unconscious attitudes and how they are manifesting in our lives.

And when the moon is in Cancer, and especially at a full moon like it is today, we look to our emotions to see what they can reveal to us about our inner world. Are you surprised by some of your feelings? Are you feeling extra emotional today? Are you finding yourself reacting out of proportion to certain people? These feelings and these situations have something to reveal to you, something about what lies beneath your surface. You have an opportunity to see yourself more clearly at a deeper level. Feel those feelings, observe and honor them, let them cast light on your inner world.