I'd love to talk with you about astrology and your chart in particular!

Astrology is like a language - a set of symbols that can communicate a wealth of information about you, your inner self, and your outer experience. A reading can give you clarity on your strengths, your gifts, and the kinds of pursuits that can help bring you into greater alignment with your deepest values. I meet with individuals, couples, and even teams. 

I also offer custom crystal jewelry designed to capture the themes of your birth chart.  We'll take the symbolism of your chart, along with the current astrological weather to create a tangible reminder of all that we discussed during your reading. 

In June 2022 I will be offering a 5-week course titled Astrology for Self-Discovery. This will be a small group, meeting in-person once per week in the evening. The course is designed to give you an understanding of how to read an astrological chart using a variety of real-life examples including celebrities, historical figures, and class participants. Watch this space or request more information here.  

90 minutes - $150  

I offer natal chart readings, relationship readings, current transits & progressions, saturn return, mid-life transits, and more. LGBTQ+

We can meet in-person in the SF Bay Area, by video call, or by telephone.  Schedule now or send me a message with any questions. 


As an add-on to a reading: 

$40 for one stone

$70 for two stones

$100 for three stones


As an add-on to a reading,

9x12 drawing on paper

$50 unframed

$120 framed 

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